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Forest School – 7th November

This week the weather was truly awful. It was also the last session for Badger Class but it didn’t dampen our spirits.

The children arrived at forest school as an animal train. They took it in turns to lead the train and decide which animal from the woodland they would be. All the other children had to become that animal and follow the leader.

After a short circle time under a tarp, we played rabbits and foxes which really helped to warm everyone up.

Sadly it was a bit too wet for tree climbing or tool work. Most children decided to play with rope, making swings and ladders. One group made a very impressive three person swing. The children have become very skilled in selecting the best knot and making sure their constructions are strong and safe.

The materials shop was very busy at this session. The children exchanged their woodland knowledge and skills for equipment such as tarps, ropes, sticks etc

The hot chocolate was essential to warm everyone up at the end of the session.


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