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Hi Everyone,

I am already missing your children but just wanted to check in with you all and give you an idea of the timings I use in the classroom. Your child might be keen to do some work today but I am fully aware that this enthusiasm will dwindle as the days and weeks go by!

I start the day with a Jump Start Jonny session (workout, challenge and cool down) as it prepares the brain for learning. We then do 20 minutes of phonics. This is the most important session of the day, as it is the time the children learn to read and write. Always start by recapping Phase 3 sounds using Flashcards Speed Trial (click on phase 3 on the left, select game and then click on select individual graphemes and choose sets 8 to 11) and also get your child to write the graphemes too. We then go through the keywords using the Tricky Word Trucks game. children need to be able to read and spell ALL Phase 3/4 words. If you go on Phonics Play and click on Teachers, then Planning and scroll down to Phase 4 you will get daily lesson plans that you can work through. Please do not be tempted to do more than one lesson a day and if you need to, then repeat lessons.

Your child will need an opportunity to play after this session. At school this would include drawing, cutting, painting, threading, playing with toys, construction, playing a game, going outside etc.

Reading or writing activity lasting no longer than 10 to 15 minutes. Emphasis in writing should be saying the sentence out loud, sounding out words and using finger spaces. Reading activity should initially involve reading Phase 4 words. Use the sound cards in the pack to build words for your child to read. Write a sentence with a phase 4 word in it and get them to read it. Read a few pages of a book.

Play session.

Number work – 20 minutes always starting with counting forwards and backwards to 20. Maths is a great subject to do outside. Hide numbers in the garden for your child to find, play hide and seek but count backwards etc Numberblocks is a great starting point for discussion and developing mathematical understanding (see list of activities in the pack).

Cosmic Kids Yoga – we do a session after lunch

I tend to cover UW in the afternoon along with PE and EAD (activities in pack)

Obviously you will need to make the day work for you but the main thing to remember is that your child is still young and activities need to be short, fast moving and varied. Little and often is the key. Think outside the box and make it fun.

If you need any help or advice please do not hesitate to contact me. My email address is at the bottom of the letter in the pack. I will be in contact again next Monday but will then leave you to enjoy the Easter holiday as best as you can. After Easter, I will post weekly plans based around stories.

Take Care and Stay Safe.

Lisa Newbery

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