Believe, Achieve, Succeed

Academy Development Plan

Spooner Row Primary School Academy Improvement Plan Summary (2018/19)

This Academy Improvement Plan has been produced as a result of discussion with Governors, teaching staff and non-teaching staff.
This year our targets have been chosen to continue to improve the positive learning experiences of the whole school
We have detailed Action Plans in the following areas:
 Writing
 School Library
 Maths Mastery
 Science
 Outdoor Learning
 SEN Communication
 Artsmark
Through these Action Plans we aim to:
 Improve the progress made by the pupils in their writing throughout the school
 Set up the library as a child friendly accessible area
 Further develop Maths Mastery with the introduction of variation
 Introduce a new calculations policy
 Improve science provision through a Stem Project
 Develop outdoor learning throughout the school
 Achieve Artsmark accreditation
Most importantly we will continue to ensure that ALL pupils make good progress, achieve to the best of their ability and have fun doing so! We believe that children develop best when they are in a safe, disciplined and happy environment enabling them to give full attention to what they are learning.
Bridget Hanton September 2018