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Squirrel Class Home Learning Summer Week 4

Hi Squirrel Class,

You have amazed me yet again with all of the super activities and work that you have been doing at home. I can’t believe how well your writing and maths are progressing. You made me so proud today when you were all able to complete the subtraction sums using pictures,  a tens frame and a number line.

Have a read about what your friends have been doing and enjoy looking at all of the photos.

Henry is learning to peddle and ride his bike, has made up stories to tell his sister and made a family wall with hand prints and a scrabble frame. He has planted some seeds and is watching to see when they start to grow.

Evelyn has a new puppy that she has called Rosie.

Austin has done some measuring with sticks, has made and labelled a tree and has solved some word problems.

Ruby has made a flower picture, labelled it and written about all of the things a plant needs to grow.

Arun and Ella have been doing some sums and making crafty things.

Ruby has labelled the parts of a flower and written about what a plant needs to grow..

Casper has played bugs in the kitchen and created patterns with it, following the instructions. He has also been measuring the height of all his family and has taken part in the Norfolk Virtual School Games athletics challenge.

Thea has been very busy this week. She has made and labelled a flower and a tree, written instructions on how to plant a seed, drawn and written about what she thinks is at the top of Jasper’s beanstalk and written about Jasper’s week.

Joshua has drawn and labelled a tree and flower, planted some seeds, written instructions on how to plant a seed and made a list of all of the things a plant needs in order to grow. He has also been doing some measuring with sticks.

Flynn has been busy writing his birthday thank you cards and drew and labelled the bones and organs of the body.

Archie has got a new zip wire in his garden! I am very jealous.


Have a lovely weekend and I’ll see you all on Zoom at 9.30 on Monday.


Mrs Newbery


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