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Badger Class Home Learning Tasks – 01.06.2020

Hi Badger Class,

I hope you all had a fantastic half term and enjoyed the beautiful sunshine. As you may have heard, our school is re-opening for Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 pupils from 2nd June as well as continuing to provide care for children of key workers. This means I will be in school full-time teaching in the key worker class from now on so please bear with me if my replies to emails are a bit slower. I will continue to set work for Year 3 and 4 home learning in the same way we have been doing for the last few weeks. There will be this weekly email sent out on Sunday outlining tasks for the week and then I will post your photos from the week on the blog every Friday. I also want to continue our weekly zoom sessions and these will take place on a Thursday. The next zoom catch up will be on Thursday 4th June with Year 4 at 1pm and Year 3 at 2pm. I will send out a parent mail with all the details for that later this week.

Please do continue to email with any questions, problems or just to say hello, it is really nice to keep in touch and I very much want to keep that going with my class because I miss you all a lot but as I said there might be a slight adjustment period over the next couple of weeks so many thanks in advance for your support and cooperation.

Maths –We are on Week 5 of whiterose maths. You will still access the videos on the link below (remember to find week 5 because the whiterose link automatically takes you to their most recent page) then I will send out the worksheets and answers directly via parentmail. The Friday challenge is accessed online via the link. If you have any problems or want access to a different year group then just let me know.

Year 3 – Summer term -Week 5

Year 4 – Summer term – Week 5

Times Table Rockstars

Keep up the super effort with your times tables and be ready because there might be a rematch tournament against Kenninghall coming up soon!

Reading – . The comprehension tasks carry on looking at Stig’s house in Chapter 2 of Stig of the Dump Please focus on the comprehension questions and house drawing activity. Making a zigzag book could be a bonus task if you want.

If you have finished reading Stig of Dump and want another topic recommendation then I would suggest is The Boy with the Bronze Axe by Kathleen Fidler. It is fictional story based on the Stone Age village of Skara Brae on Orkney and involves lots of mystery and excitement as well as accurate historical details. It is aimed at confident readers but would also be brilliant read aloud as a family story or via an audiobook.

Writing – We are going on to look at instruction writing next. Please look at this you tube video reading of ‘How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth’ by Michelle Robinson and Kate Hindley.

This week we really want to get to know the story very well in preparation for writing our own set of instructions next week. Here are four tasks for you to complete this week to help you get to know the story.

Task 1 – Read the story a few times and see if you can find alliteration, rhetorical questions, expanded noun phrases, prepositions, verbs, adverbs and imperative verbs (bossy verbs). Make a list in your home learning books. You could use a colour code and key if you want. I have attached a grammar list (see parent mail) to remind you about what these terms mean and share some examples.

Task 2 – Draw two pictures of the woolly mammoth from before and after his bath. Annotate your drawings with descriptions about the woolly mammoth to show the difference from before and after his wash. Use ideas from the story but also your own imagination. E.g. matted wool coat full of dried mud and dust or bright shiny tusks that gleamed liked swords.

Task 3 – Pick out all the words from the book to do with cleaning and then add more ideas to this word bank to help with your writing next week. You could try using a thesaurus to help you with your ideas.

Task 4 – Find other examples of instructions from your house and read these carefully. Making a note of any ideas you like e.g. introduction, conclusion, top tip. You could try recipes, Lego kits, board game instructions, craft instructions just read lots of examples.

Spelling and Grammar – please have a go at these BBC bitesize daily lessons on verbs and adverbs that will be very useful for our work on instructions and keep practising the high frequency words or the Year 3/4 word list from the original home learning pack.

Other activities –

Science – We are on to lesson 6 of our rock topic in science this week. I have linked the next twinkl lesson here and it is all about soil permeability It includes a PowerPoint to go through, a matching activity and instructions for your own investigation (this might need adjusting based on the resources you have available).

Art – We are going to be focussing on developing our drawing skills this week. The drawing exercise includes a completely guided video on continuous line drawing. I would suggest choosing a small rock or stone from the garden to draw. Don’t worry about what your final drawing is like, you are practising a skill. The more you do it the better you will get.

PE – Keep an eye out for the Norfolk Virtual School Games challenges being sent out by parentmail and have a look at this link for ideas for the week and videos to help explain the challenges.

If anyone wants any additional ideas then BBC bitesize are running daily lessons for all year groups and you might enjoy dipping in and out of these as well

Please continue to email me your photos from the week for the blog or if you need any help or if you just want to say hello I’m really looking forward to seeing you all on zoom again later this week.

Missing you lots and take care,

Miss Best

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