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Badger Class Home Learning Tasks – 08.06.2020

Hi Badger Class,

I hope your first week of home learning back after half term went well and it was lovely to see you all on zoom and talk about our literacy work for this week.

Please do continue to email with any questions, problems or just to say hello, it is really nice to keep in touch and I love seeing the photos of your learning and all the fun you are having at home too.

Maths –We are on Week 6 of whiterose maths. You will still access the videos on the link below (remember to find week 6 because the whiterose link automatically takes you to their most recent page) then I will send out the worksheets and answers directly via parentmail. The Friday challenge is accessed online via the link. If you have any problems or want access to a different year group then just let me know.

Year 3 – Summer term -Week 6

Year 4 – Summer term – Week 6

Times Table Rockstars

Keep up the super effort with your times tables and remember you can challenge each other if you go to multiplayer Rock Slam. Ask your friends what their avatar name is and get challenging!

Reading – . Here is a link to a selection of reading comprehension activities on a variety of topics. Please choose one that interests you, read the information and then answer the questions. These activities use the three star challenge system so select the reading material and question level that is right for you. I would suggest Year 3 looking at 1 or 2 star challenges and Year 4 trying 2 or 3 star ones.

Please continue reading for pleasure as much as possible and enjoy stories as a family. It is great to hear about all the wonderful reading you have been doing and the new books and authors you are discovering.

Writing – We are going on to continue our work on instruction writing this week. So please keep looking back at this you tube video reading of ‘How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth’ by Michelle Robinson and Kate Hindley.

I have included an example instruction text about How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth based out the book and your ideas during our zoom session. I loved hearing your ideas and creating some shared writing as a class again. I have also included a planning template to help you structure your ideas (see parentmail).

Task 1 – Read our example instructions carefully and see if you can spot all the features we talked about in our zoom meeting, title, introduction, subheadings, colons, equipment, brackets, method, detailed steps, varied sentence openers including time and fronted adverbials, conclusion and top tip. There also might be some bonus features like a simile and some alliteration so read it really carefully. I would suggest creating a colour coded key to highlight some of the features and help you really look at it in detail.

Task 2 – Decide which animal (made up or real) you are going to write washing instructions for. Draw out how you will wash your animal and what you need to form a story map plan. Jot on any ideas of vocabulary you don’t want to forget.

Task 3 – Fill in the boxed up plan to help you structure your ideas for the instructions and organise your ideas.

Task 4 – Use your plan to write your instructions on ‘How to Wash a….’ Try to include the following if you can: title, introduction, rhetorical questions, subheadings, equipment section, method, conclusion, top tip and punctuation such as C . , : ! ( ) ? -.

Extra challenges could include using fronted adverbials with a comma and extra detail in your method to really engage the reader. Try to add your own style and flair to the instructions.

This will probably take a two or three writing sessions. Please keep re-reading and checking your work to improve spellings and up-level vocabulary.

Spelling and Grammar – please have a go at these BBC bitesize lessons on fronted adverbials and using brackets as they will be very useful for our work on instructions. Also keep practising the high frequency words or the Year 3/4 word list from the original home learning pack.

Other activities –

Science – We have now finished all the lessons in our unit on rocks so go back through the lessons to remind yourself on your learning (link to all previous lessons and then produce a poster or leaflet to show some of your new knowledge on rocks.  You might want to focus on one area of rocks or do some general information – it is up to you!

Design technology – On the back cover of ‘How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth’ there are lots of pictures of shampoo bottles specifically designed for woolly mammoths. Your job is to design a new shampoo especially for your chosen animal. First, look at the labels on real shampoo bottles you have at home and see what they are like. Then you need to design a new shampoo especially for your animal. Make a label to go on an old bottle – remember you have got to try and convince shoppers to choose your product. You could even make up a potion to put in your labelled shampoo bottle but remember don’t use it on a real animal!  

Spanish – Here is a link to some Spanish videos to help you practise some of the vocabulary and learn more about the culture

PE – In school we tried the Harry Potter Cosmic Kids Yoga and really enjoyed it so I have linked that lesson but the Cosmic Kids Yooga sites has a wealth of guided yoga activities for children. There is also a Cosmic Kids Yoga  APP you can download.

If anyone wants any additional ideas then BBC bitesize are running daily lessons for all year groups and you might enjoy dipping in and out of these as well

Please continue to email me your photos from the week for the blog or if you need any help or if you just want to say hello I’m really looking forward to seeing you all on zoom again later this week.

Missing you lots and take care,

Miss Best

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