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Badger Class Home Learning Tasks 15.06.2020

Hi Badger Class,

Well done on a fantastic week of work. I was particularly impressed with your literacy last week and the fantastic instructions you wrote. I am looking forward to seeing you on Zoom later this week. This week our zoom session will be on Wednesday 17th June with Year 4 at 1pm and Year 3 at 2pm. Sorry for the change but I look forward to seeing you all there, with your whiteboards and pens, ready to learn.

Please continue to email with any questions, problems or just to say hello, it is really nice to keep in touch and I love seeing the photos of your learning and all the fun you are having at home too.

Maths –We are on Week 7 of whiterose maths. You will still access the videos on the link below (remember to find week 7 because the whiterose link automatically takes you to their most recent page) then I will send out the worksheets and answers directly via parentmail. The Friday challenge is accessed online via the link. If you have any problems or want access to a different year group then just let me know.

Year 3 – Summer term -Week 7

Year 4 – Summer term – Week 7

Times Table Rock Stars

Keep up the super effort with your times tables and remember you can challenge each other if you go to multiplayer Rock Slam. I have challenged you all so please take on my challenge and then challenge me back!


We will continue with this link to a selection of reading comprehension activities on a variety of topics. Please choose another one that interests you, read the information and then answer the questions. These activities use the three star challenge system so select the reading material and question level that is right for you. I would suggest Year 3 looking at 1 or 2 star challenges and Year 4 trying 2 or 3 star ones.

Please continue reading for pleasure as much as possible and enjoy stories as a family. It is great to hear about all the wonderful reading you have been doing and the new books and authors you are discovering. David Walliams continues to be a very popular choice!

Writing – Apologies as our writing work is going to slightly bitty and bobby this week because there a few different things we need to look at.

Task 1 – Personal Report Comment

It is that time of year again when I am writing reports and would like to add a comment from you about your experience this year. It has been a very unusual year to say the least and I would love to capture your thoughts and views. I have attached (see parentmail) a template for you to write on or type in and some ideas for sentence starters. Please could you complete this and email it back to me so I can add it to your reports.


Task 2 – Feedback from friends

On the Key Stage Two reports there is also a section for feedback from your friends. This is a really nice opportunity to share positive praise within the class. I have attached (see parentmail) a class list to this document and I would like you to go through and write a word or phrase to describe that person. It could cover a skill they have e.g. amazing artist, crazy about cricket or a character trait e.g. kind and caring, hilariously funny. Then please email your list back to me and I will add some of your ideas to everyone’s report. Keep your thoughts and ideas positive and try to be as specific about a person’s qualities, there will be some classmates you know really well and others who you don’t know so well but try and think of something for everyone if you can. I have also attached a list of words/ideas to help you.

Task 3. Planning and writing your own instructions.

You did such excellent work developing your skills for writing instructions last week. Now, it is your turn to choose what you what to write instructions about. It can be something factual like ‘How to become a Fabulous Footballer’ or something made up like ‘How to Fly a Dragon’. You need to plan your instructions using the same template as last week (see parentmail) and then write out the instructions in full. Remember to include all the things we talked about last week such as introduction, specific punctuation, equipment list, detailed steps with time adverbs and fronted adverbials, conclusion and top tip. Look back at the ‘How to Wash A Woolly Mammoth’ example to remind you.

Here are some ideas but you can choose anything you like just make sure you know enough about the subject or can make it up.

How to Train a Puppy

How to Tame a Unicorn

How to Get into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

How to Bake a Delicious Victoria Sponge

How to Become a Brilliant Cheerleader

Spelling and Grammar – please have a go at these BBC bitesize lessons on using a thesaurus and synonyms and antonyms as they will be very useful for our work on instructions and beyond. Also keep practicing the high frequency words or the Year 3/4 word list from the original home learning pack.

Other activities –

Science – We have spent lots of weeks learning about rocks so I have attached a quiz and end of unit assessment where you test your knowledge!

Computing – Use these activities to explore how the internet works. We have been using it a lot recently so let’s learn how it works!

Spanish – Here is a BBC bitesize lesson all about speaking about your family and pets

PE – In P.E., we would have been doing cricket this term so here is a link to some Chance to Shine ‘At Home Cricket Lessons’ for you to have a go at. Don’t worry if you don’t have all the equipment, there are suggestions on alternative things you could use.

If anyone wants any additional ideas then BBC bitesize are running daily lessons for all year groups and you might enjoy dipping in and out of these as well

Please continue to email me your photos from the week for the blog or if you need any help or if you just want to say hello I’m really looking forward to seeing you all on zoom again later this week.

Missing you lots and take care,

Miss Best

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