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Badger Home Learning Tasks – 11.05.20

Hi Badger Class,

I hope you all enjoyed the wonderful long weekend especially the sunny days. You are all doing really well with your home learning and it is also great to see your own projects and passions shining through as well. I will organise another zoom meeting for us all this week. It will be on Wednesday 13th May with Year 4 at 1pm and Year 3 at 2pm again. I will send out a parent mail with all the details for that tomorrow. I can’t wait to see you all again for a baking and cooking quiz this week!

Maths –We will continue with whiterose. If you want to supplement this then BBC bitesize daily lessons are also being designed by whiterose so are really good too. For this week please could you try the following lessons:

Year 3 – Summer term -Week 3

Year 4 – Summer term – Week 3

If you are finding this tricky then don’t be afraid to try the Year 2 videos to help you  Remember there are answer sheets there too so you can self-mark and then go back through and unpick any mistakes to help you learn even more. If you have any problems then please let me know.

From next week, whiterose is reverting back to a subscription site but as a school we have a subscription so you will still access the videos online but I will send you the question and answer sheets directly. That will start from next Monday (18.05.20) because we are working a week behind the whiterose site. If you are a week ahead then please use the BBC bitesize this week and we will be synchronised for next week.

Times Table Rockstar Tournaments:

This week I would really like you to have a go at Times Table Rockstars.  From Monday 11th May until Monday 18th May we will be running various tournaments.  All you have to do is play any of the game types on Times Table Rockstars and your scores will be added up.

Here are the tournaments running for Badger Class:

  • Year 3 vs Year 4 – Which year group can earn the most coins?
  • Highest scorer in each year group (Year 3 and 4 – the pupil with the highest score wins)
  • Most improved in each year group (Year 3 and 4 – award to the pupil that improves the most on their previous coin total)

Results will be announced on the blog on Monday 18th May 2020.  Good luck and get rocking-

Reading – It is great to hear how much lots of you are enjoying reading and having more time for it. Please continue to enjoy your own books and family reading. The comprehension tasks move onto Chapter 2 from Stig of the Dump this week, again all reading materials are included in the link- Please focus on the comprehension questions and instruction activity. Making a zigzag book could be a bonus task if you want.

Writing – Please keep looking back at ‘Stone Age Boy’ because it will help with your own writing

This week you will be using your plans from last week to write a story similar to Stone Age Boy but where Om time travels to the modern age. Use the original story for reference and to help you with your ideas. I would suggest writing a paragraph a day and you could do a rough version and then write it up in neat as mini book or on the computer. Here are some top tips to help with your writing:

  • Make a clear plan – you’ve done this one so just remember to use it! You can adapt and change some of your ideas but it will help give your writing structure and help you with paragraphing.
  • Capital letters to start sentence and for proper nouns and full stops or other closing punctuation. Don’t forget the basics!
  • Try to use interesting and ambitious language. Can you use a better word instead of big or scared?
  • Remember to describe the setting and characters to put an image in the mind of the reader.
  • Check your sentences don’t all start in the same way unless you are making a feature of this or using a pattern of three.
  • Mix up your sentence lengths for impact. Long sentences for detail and short punchy sentences for impact. E.g. Thud! Her eyes blinked wildly.
  • Have you remembered to use paragraphs to help break up and structure your story?
  • Try to include some speech with correct use of inverted commas from our previous work. Don’t overuse it though because it can become confusing for the reader.
  • Try out a simile or metaphor (see grammar task below)
  • Re-read you writing to check it and improve it. Reading it aloud to a family member will help with this.
  • Bonus challenges – add illustrations, a front cover and back cover with blurb.


I cannot wait to read your stories and we will definitely share some extracts on our zoom chats next week.

Spelling and Grammar – please have a go at this BBC bitesize daily lesson on similes and metaphors (maybe you could include some in your story) and keep practising the high frequency words or the Year 3/4 word list from the original home learning pack.


Other activities –

Science – We are on to lesson 4 of our rock topic in science this week. I have linked the next twinkl lesson here and it is all about palaeontology It uses this video clip all about Mary Anning (an English fossil collector and palaeontologist)

Again, it includes a PowerPoint and activities using the three levels of challenge system again so choose how many stars suits you. I think lots of you will find this topic very interesting!

Computing – BBC bitesize has some fun activities on sequencing and programming. You could also have a go at using Scratch online and tinker around with programming. Remember computing involves trying things out and debugging things if you have a problem. There are also tutorials to get you started.

PE – Keep moving please! Set yourself your own challenges like skipping in the garden or biking a certain distance. Take time to enjoy being outside even when the weather isn’t as nice.

If anyone wants any additional ideas then BBC bitesize are running daily lessons for all year groups and you might enjoy dipping in and out of these as well

Please continue to email me your photos from the week for the blog or if you need any help or if you just want to say hello I’m really looking forward to seeing you all on zoom again later this week.

Missing you lots and take care,

Miss Best


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