Believe, Achieve, Succeed

Forest School – 31st October 2019



By popular demand we arrived at Forest School as a whole group Conga line this week.

In circle time we talked about choices and decisions.

We then played a group game called rope shapes. Each group had a large circle of rope and were given increasingly more difficult shapes to make. We started with a simple square and ended up with an octopus.

The children were very creative in their play this week. For example, one group decided to make a pirate gym in the trees. To purchase their raw materials children needed to pay this week. Payment was by means of knot demonstration, collection of a natural item or by giving a nature fact.

In circle time at the end of the session we discussed what the children had enjoyed and what they would like to do in their final session on 7th November.

Please make sure your children have multiple warm layers, waterproof coats and wellies for their final session as the weather forecast doesn’t look very good.



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