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Fox Home and School home learning Week 10

Hello Fox Class

I hope you have all had a good week and are keeping well.  We are nearly at the end of term now.  It has certainly been a very different term for all of us but I am very proud of you all and am very pleased with all the work that you have been doing.  I have never had so many emails!  I love seeing what you have been up to.  Well done.

The children in the Year 1 bubble at school have had a busy week.  You will see the amazing puppets that they made with Miss Brown.  They have also been working hard on their writing, spelling and Maths everyday.  We are still doing Quiet reading every day (it really is quiet!!) and hearing each child read every day, which is lovely.  They enjoy seeing their friends at home  during our phonics session on Zoom.  I have been so impressed with all of the work in these sessions – everyone’s writing has come on amazingly well.  Well done!

I have enjoyed waving to the Year 2s in the Key Worker bubble.  There are a few of them in there now.  I know that they have been working hard on their writing and maths and they have also made some brilliant puppets.

I had a much better turnout for the Year 2 Zoom lesson this week – brilliant!  It is so nice to see you all and really important for me to be able to see some snippets of your work to gauge how you are getting on.  I have been really impressed by what I have seen.  Well done Year 2.

Lara has sent me some excellent writing this week – not only Little Red Riding Hood from the wolf’s point of view, but also a letter and information that she has written for her Brownies charity badge.  She is supporting Banham Zoo.

Anthony decided to research Leonardo Da Vinci – great idea!  He has also been working hard on the Seasons and Maths.  He has also caught loads of fish!

Cole wrote a lovely letter to the Tooth Fairy.

Sonny shared an excellent recount of Jack and the Beanstalk with me.  He also sent me his seasons work and work on Shabbat.

Atlas wrote some good commands and a great letter to the Giant.  He continues to get all of his Maths work done.

Finley also wrote a very impressive version of Little Red Riding Hood from the wolf’s point of view.  He also did a practical experiment for  volume and capacity in Maths.

Isaac designed and made a very impressive Little Red Riding Hood cape.

Well done all of you.  I have felt quite emotional this week about how well you are all doing!  I am a very proud teacher.   We are nearly there – keep it up.

Mrs Ward

Lara charity letter Zoo info

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