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Fox Home and School learning Summer Week 6

Hello Fox Class

Welcome back after half-term.  We have had a very different week this week and 6 Year 1s are now back at school.  It has been lovely to see them again and the rest of you on Zoom.  Now that the Zoom sessions are more formal learning it would be great if everyone attended.  I am pleased that lots of you have enjoyed the Literacy work on ‘The First Hippo on the Moon’ and I have seen some great writing.  Well done all of you.

At school we have been getting used to the new classroom set up and washing our hands a lot!  We have done the same work as all of you at home.  The children made lovely posters about the 4 seasons.  We have also been doing Jump Start Johnny to start off the day this week.  Well done to Imogen, Drew, Sonali, Jenson, Indie and Maxwell for being little stars this week and adapting to the very different routines and setting so well.

Christopher has done some excellent writing to do with space, as an extension to our literacy work.  He has also created some lovely art pieces to do with space and made some fruit rockets.

Oli wrote some excellent instructions for making Sheila’s rocket.

Sonny has also been enjoying the work on ‘The First Hippo on the Moon’, producing some fantastic writing, and has been challenging himself with his spellings.  His Mum has drawn my attention to some information about ‘Ocean Day’ on Monday – see picture below.

Lara has lost a tooth!  She has also done a huge amount of research about rabbits and created an amazing information document.   I have also been really impressed with all of her hippo writing this week.

Tyler has been learning about seaside safety , as well as the seasons and his writing about the hippo book.

Jacob, Wilf and Isaac have also been working hard on their writing in the ‘Key worker bubble’ – well done you three!

The rest of you have been a bit quiet on the photo front this week!  But we will look forward to seeing more next week.  Have a great weekend everyone.

Mrs Ward



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