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Oak class Summer term week 6

Hello Oak Class

Welcome back to our final half term of this strange school year.  I can see from the work being send in to me that you are all working very hard and keeping positive which is all we can ask for. It has been lovely to be able to continue holding zoom meeting with you and I would like to continue this for the rest of the school year.

A well done to the members of the class who had mock Tae Kwon Do gradings this week.  Must have been very daunting but we were all thinking of you and we send best wishes for the real thing when it comes around. Also well done to Evie for earning a Blue Peter badge and Noah whose caterpillars have gone through complete metamorphosis into butterflies!

Your animal non-chronological reports have been fascinating to read! Who knew that elephants were scared of ants, blue whales can be heard from 1600km away, moles poison their prey, orcas have to actively think about breathing or they could die and that polar bears have black skin! I have read so many interesting facts that I would say I am ready to go on a TV quiz show now with all my new knowledge.

For zoom sessions this week, Year 6 – we are going to start taking about high school transition so have a think about worries people may have but also what you are looking forward to about high school.  Year 5- keeping with the animal theme, I liked the idea of having a game of ‘real or fake’.  If you can each find out about an animal with an unusual name as well as making up the  name of an animal and we will guess which one is the real animal and which is the fake one.  To make it more interesting, can you also have 2 facts about the real animal to share with us.  Here is an example to give you an idea:  Real or fake: Pink Fairy Armadillo or Red Pixie Porcupine (remember one is an actual animal and one is made up).  

Look forward to seeing lots of you on zoom late this week.

Enjoy the weekend!

Here are some pictures of your fabulous work:





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