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Squirrel Class Home and School Learning Week 9

Hi Everyone,

I hope that you have all had fun in the sunshine this week. I have again been impressed by the quality and quantity of work produced this week, both in school and at home.

We welcomed back Evelyn, Thea and Brooke this week and they have all settled back into the routine really quickly. All of the children at school have completed their Back to Earth stories, split pin astronauts, addition work, star sewing, constellation artwork, read twice and joined in with Jump Start Jonny. On Tuesday, we had a water day and the children had great fun squirting each other and sliding down our home made water slide. We ended the morning with a refreshing rocket ice lolly. Take a look at the photos below.

Austin has been flying his kite, sewing constellations, making a pinwheel galaxy and creating his own constellation artwork.

Archie has had a very busy week. He has completed some super maths work and demonstrated that he has a good understanding of number bonds. He has also made a split pin astronaut, written his Back to Earth story and baked star biscuits – they look yummy!

Flynn has been playing with some very cute puppies, written his Back to Earth story, made a pinwheel galaxy, a split pin astronaut and completed all of the maths sheets.

Joshua has drawn and labelled all of the things Hal saw on his trip into space. He has also sewn some constellations, made a split pin astronaut, a pinwheel galaxy, written the story of Hal’s adventure and completed a book review. You have been a busy boy!

Fantastic work all of you. I am a very happy and proud teacher.


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