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Times Table Rockstar Tournament Results


WOW! I can see that so many of you have put a huge amount of effort into Times Table Rockstars this week.  Well done to everyone who had a go.  We have looked at the number of lifetime coins you have earned to Here are the results…

Congratulations year 3!

Year 3    V    Year 4

6,058             5,549


Congratulations year 6!

Year 5    v     Year 6

9,754             13,167


Now for the individual results:

Year 2

Most improved:  Jacob J

Highest scorer:  Lara

Special mention to Bobby and Albie who were very close!!


Year 3

Most improved: Felicity

Highest scorer: Anjali

Special mention to Isabelle who was very close!!


Year 4

Most improved: Agata

Highest scorer: Agata

Special mention to Jamie F who was very close!!


Year 5

Most improved: Amie

Highest Scorer: Diem

Special mention to Alfie.S who has the quickest average speed in year 5!


Year 6

Most improved: Amelia

Highest Scorer: Josephine (who has managed to get her average speed to under a second per question!!)

Special mention to Amelia and Priya for making huge improvements to their average speed!


Once again, a huge thank you to everyone who took part and we are all so impressed with how much your times table recall is improving!! Watch this space for the next tournament!

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