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Viva México

We have gone all Mexican for this week’s home learning and I have loved seeing what you have been up to.  Well done to Oak class for each setting up your own Mexican Food Truck business – your entrepreneurial skills have been very impressive.   From designing your van and brand name to coming up with a menu and uniform for your employees, I would say your businesses are all ready to go.  Looking at all your menu ideas has made me so hungry that I am considering cooking enchiladas for dinner.

Some of your computing skills honestly put mine to shame and I have been especially amazed at Evangeline’s website design which can be viewed here:

I hope you have all had fun with the task this week and let your creativity run wild.  Next week will be similar in that it will be project based, however it will be more two projects so that you are not spending all your time on one thing.

For next week’s zoom session, we are going to attempt one big session with year 5 and 6 together.  I have thought of a game for us to play and all you will need is a piece of paper and a felt tip or dark pencil for it.  Look forward to seeing you altogether again.

Here are some of the business ideas you and your classmates have come up with this week:



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