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Zoom meeting ground rules

Hello Oak Class,

As we will be continuing with zoom sessions every week, I thought it would be a good idea to set some ground rules for our meetings.   The year 6 children in class helped me come up with these rules going forward:

  • No changing backgrounds
  • Always listen to other people and don’t interrupt
  • No typing in the chat function box except for sending private messages to teacher if there is something you do not want to say in front of the group or letting teacher know that you are having some technical difficulties.
  • No bedrooms – as s school, we think it will be more appropriate if you are not in their bedrooms for the meetings and that the door to the room you are in is open.
  • As with any time you are accessing the internet, we would like your parents to be around and aware that you are in the meetings.  This does not mean they need to be sat next to you, just that they are around.
  • Be dressed appropriately – of course we do not expect school uniform, but especially with temperatures set to rise, please dress appropriately

Please ask your parents to email me if you feel there is anything else that  you feel should be on the list.


Look forward to our next session!


Miss Jackson



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